Who is the FTEF?

FTEF is a non-profit organization that raises money to improve our public schools and student resources because we’re serious about educational excellence.

Our Mission

The mission of the FTEF is to support the educational excellence of the public schools of Fort Thomas, Kentucky. The FTEF will help to provide funds beyond the operating budget for educational programs and activities for students and staff. FTEF funds may be used to facilitate student academic and skill development, recognize outstanding student and staff excellence, provide equipment and capital needs, and expand community resources through the active involvement of individuals, businesses and civic organizations.

Our Vision

To create a private school experience in our public school system.

Executive Board

1st Row:  Chuck Thompson, Michelle Tinkler, Ron Dill, Amy Shaffer (President), Alesha Meyn (Foundation Coordinator), Frank Meyer, Megan Abner, Kevin Duke

2nd Row:  Jerry Noran, Steve Dauer, Fritz Erschell, Shannon Thomas, Dan Gorman, Ann Meyer, Adam Caswell, Amy Hills, Megan DeSola, Lisa Cooper, Dustin Buecker 




For more information contact:


Erin Benke

FTEF Coordinator


Phone: 859.815.2004